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1. A-200 Automated Cabinet [blastingequipment]
A-200 Indexing Turntable Machine. Versatile: Six Satellites and two 12" x 16" door openings accommodate a wide array of parts. Adustable gun mounts allow to be set at the appropriate angle and distance for the part being blasted.
2. BNP 55 [blastingequipment]
BNP 55 Suction Cabinet
3. Zero Pulsar Cabinet [blastingequipment]
Zero Pulsar Blasting Cabinet. Availabe in Pulsar III, Pulsar VI and Pulsar VI-P Pressure
4. Automation Kits [blastingequipment]
Zero A-300 Automatin Kits. The A-300 Automation Kit adds a turntable, four fixtures, and up to five rack-mounted blast guns to a Zero BNP 220 blast cabinet.
5. Pre-Assembled Blast Rooms [blastingequipment]
Zero/ Clemco Pre-Assembled Blast Rooms
6. Tumble Belt Cabinets [blastingequipment]
Zero Industrial Tumble Belt Cabinets. Built for manufacturers who need efficient, reliable, high-production blasting. Zero offers super-duty tumble belt cabinets for high-production suction or pressure blasting on heavy parts and large batches up to 800 pounds.
7. 2000 Contractor Series [blastingequipment]
Clemco Industries Contractor Series Pressure Pots
8. BNP 65-P [blastingequipment]
Zero BNP 65 Pressure Cabinet
9. Tumble Barrel Cabinets [blastingequipment]
Zero Tumble Barrel Cabinets
10. Mini Blast Rooms [blastingequipment]
Zero BNP 600 and 720 Mini Blast Rooms. BNP 600 AND BNP 720 For big jobs, the BNP 600 and BNP 720 offer the biggest work chambers available in manual blast cabinets - 60 by 58 by 50 inches tall and 72 by 72 by 60 inches tall, respectively
11. Dust Collectors [blastingequipment]
Zero Reverse Pulse Dust Collectors. ZERO DUST COLLECTORS For high-production blast operations, ZERO's reverse pulse dust collectors trap 99.7 percent of dust particles down to .5 microns. All our RP dust collectors feature reinforced disposable cellulose/polyester cartridges. In operation, the RP collector self cleans the cartridge with periodic pulses of compressed air.
12. BNP 220 Direct Pressure Cabinet [blastingequipment]
Zero BNP 220 Direct Pressure Cabinet
13. Sweep-In Abrasive Recovery Systems [BlastingEquipment]
Save Time and Labor- Reduce Energy Costs- Reduce Disposal Cost
14. Industril Blast Faclities [BlastingEquipment]
Clemco Custom Blast Rooms
15. INEX 3048 and 3048R [BlastingEquipment]
Clemco INEX Blast Cabinets
16. Rubber Belt Airless Blast Mills [blastingequipment]
Viking Rubber Belt Blast Mills
17. Flow Through Airless Shot Blasting [blastingequipment]
Viking Corportation Flow Through Airless Shot Blasting Systems
18. Aerolyte Systems [BlastingEquipment]
Dry Paint Stripping
19. Plate/ I-Beam Shot Blast System [BlastingEquipment]
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