Oxgrit Engineered Blasting Abrasive

Duramax synthetic garnet blasting media made in the USA

OXGRIT is a binary Ionic Compound, derived from a steel mill oxide byproduct named Duramax. Duramax is produced by atomizing molten oxide which gives a microstructure suitable for blasting. Duramax is processed by crushing and screening becoming Oxgrit

  • Engineered stainles blasting abrasive manufactured to outperform existing abrasives
  • Higher density and weight than aluminum oxide, garnet and glass
  • Low dust
  • Green product, classifed as a post industrial material
  • Long reclaimable life vs. other abrasives
  • Will not rust vs. cast steel abrasive good for use on non-ferrous metals
  • Use in blast rooms, cabinets, automatics and pressure pots
  • Sizes 45-30, 45-20, 30-18, 30-10 and 18-10
  • Up to 3+ passes
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Standard sizes 36, 60, 80 and 200+

Pile of Oxgrit

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