Glass Beads for Blasting

Glass beads blasting media manufactured in the USA

Glass beads are Ideal for de-scaling, cleaning, deburring, surface treatment, shot peening and finishing.  Glass beads can be used equally well with dry, wet, pressure or suction. 

Cleaning with glass beads removes oxide layers and residuals from working material without damaging the surface. Cleaning the surfaces prior to painting or plating ensure better performance of the coating Glass Beads

  • Automotive & Aircraft
    • Molds
    • Stampings 
  • Castings
    • Pipes
    • Weldments 
  • Dies
    • Statuary 

Deburring frees metal parts and tools of loose burrs, unwanted edges and nicks which, if left untreated, can cause injury or damage to machine and operator.  Common applications of the glass bead deburring medium include: 

  • Castings Files 
  • Drills 
  • Mills 
  • Cutting tools 
  • Gears 
  • Machine parts 
  • Threads 
  • Dies 
  • Jigs 
  • Punches 
  • Tools 

Surface Treatment and Finish with glass beads is a very efficient way to blend surface defects, improve sealing, and appearance (matted or textured finishes) of all types of molds, deep draw dies and other parts with complicated shapes while improving corrosion resistance and lubrication of moving parts. 

Peening with glass beads is particularly effective where a high notch sensitivity exists as a result of flexional demands, e.g. with springs, crankshafts, gears, etc.  Wet blasting with fine glass beads will also expose cracks and fracture in metals as a fine dark line where they may otherwise have gone unnoticed. 



204 35 Mesh  
206 55 Mesh  
207 70 Mesh  
208 80 Mesh  
209 100 Mesh  
219 140 Mesh  
212 180 Mesh  
213 240 Mesh  
BOL-40 400 Mesh  




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