Crushed Glass

Crushed glass blasting media made in the USA

Benefits of Glass Blasting

In addition to worker safety benefits, crushed glass media delivers a natural, whiter metal finish than many other sandblasting abrasives, and significantly decreases embedment issues up to 5 times less than slag blast media.  This media works well for removing thick, tough coatings, and numerous surface preparation applications glass can create a profile of up to 4 mils on hardened steel.  Crushed glass is versatile, and can be used as a dry blasting media or combined with water for use in slurry blasting machines. 

How Can Glass be Silica-free?

Recycled bottle glass Is chemically known as Amorphous Aluminosilicate.  Free-silica is commonly found in traditional blasting sand and other hard abrasive sandblasting medias.  Silica-sand dust in its natural state has an “open” crystalline structure that has the capability of sticking to lung tissues.  When this happens, the likelihood of developing a serious respiratory disease called “silicosis” increases.  Because our recycled glass is amorphous, its crystalline structure is “closed”, which makes it impossible to physically stick to human lung tissue.  When a person is exposed to amorphous glass fines or dust, the body will expel the dust as it would any other type of natural dirt. 

Crushed Glass Saves Money

Crushed glass media is less dense than other sandblasting media.  This means greater productivity due to more blast time between pot refills and less material will be used, which reduces both disposal and media costs. Pile of Crushed Glass Blasting Media



10-30 Scale and rust removal
20-40 Medium scale removal
30-60 Moderate scale/rust removal
70-140 Delicate blasting



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