Steel Shot

Air or Airless Steel Shot

Steel shot blasting media made in the USA

Steel Shot is a spherical product used in airless and air blast applications.

Applications of Steel Shot

  • Cleaning Castings and Forgings
  • Deburring
  • Industrial shot peening
  • Aerospace shot peening
  • Surface Prep
  • Granite Cutting


Austenitic.  Becomes somewhat magnetic as work hardened.


The density shall be greater than 7gm/cc

General Appearance

The cast stainless steel shot shall be spherical in shape with a bright metallic appearance.

Spherical Stainless Steel Shot Balls


Exceeding the life of aluminum oxide, glass beads, mineral abrasive, garnet or slag by up to a thousand-to-one, steel shot can significantly reduce your raw material and disposal costs.

Surface Finish

Whether you require a bright, metallic finish, free form staining and ferrous residue or a specific surface profile to prepare for coating, steel shot is the answer.

SAE Size No.

  • S780 (All Pass No. 7 Screen)
  • S660 (All Pass No. 8 Screen)
  • S550 (All Pass No. 10 Screen)
  • S460 (All Pass No. 10 Screen)
  • S390 (All Pass No. 12 Screen)
  • S330 (All Pass No. 14 Screen)
  • S280 (All Pass No. 16 Screen)
  • S230 (All Pass No. 18 Screen)
  • S170 (All Pass No. 20 Screen)
  • S110 (All Pass No. 30 Screen)
  • S70 (All Pass No. 40 Screen)



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