Mass Finishing Media and Compounds

For The Perfect Finish

Mass finishing operations have many factors.  Mass finishing can be used to clean, burnish or color parts.  Each application requires different media and compounds.  Ceramic media is available in a number of sizes and compositions. Ceramic media can be used in a variety of delicate or aggressive applications including burnishing, radiusing, polishing, cutting, deflashing and deburring.Mass Finishing Operation Media

Common Shapes

  • Angle- cut Triangle
  • Angle-cut Cylinder
  • Angle-cut Star
  • Angle-cut Ellipse
  • Cone
  • Straight-cut Triangle
  • Straight-cut Cylinder
  • Straight-cut Star

Plastic media produces a softer surface finishing action.

Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel  media to produce a burr-free bright smooth surface.



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