Stainless Steel Blasting Media

Achieve a smooth, shiny, satin-like finish

Stainless steel blasting media made in the USA

What is Stainless Steel Shot?

Stainless Steel Shot is a high quality, extremely long-lasting, cast stainless steel shot. Stainless steel shot can leave a surface free of contamination that causes rust. Stainless steel shot is excellent for achieving a smooth, shiny, satin-like finish and is commonly used for cleaning aluminum and other non-ferrous castings and forgings.Stainless Steel Blasting Media


Exceeding the life of standard abrasive blast media by up to a thousand-to-one


Any metal dust created during use is insignificant allowing for a virtually dust-free blasting environment.

Surface Finish

Bright metallic finish, free from staining and ferrous residue or specific surface finish to prepare for coating.


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