Plastic Media for Blasting

Paint stripping and mold cleaning

Plastic blasting media made in the USA

Plastic media is used primarily for paint stripping and mold cleaning. 

Great Lakes Finishing  carries a large selection of urea, melamine and acrylic plastic media for many different applications. Media is available in a several particle sizes and a wide range of hardness and density ranges to ensure you achieve the specific results you desire. Our plastic media delivers numerous benefits to your operation including: 

  • No dust, toxins or residue 
  • Superior longevity and durability 
  • No damage to parts or equipment 
  • Ability to withstand high air blast pressures and wheel speeds 
  • Fast-working high-impact particles that won’t lodge in parts or machinery 
  • Consistent results 
  • Cost-effective

Plastic abrasive is characterized as a less aggressive media than most other abrasives making it ideally suited for blasting on softer substrates and commonly used for the deflashing of plastic components, mold cleaning, the removal and cleaning of anti-corrosion coatings, hydrocarbon deposits, waxes, adhesives, and sealants. High durability, Free of Silica, no residual deposits results in a highly effective cost-effective media choice. 

Plastic cleaning medias are synthetic particles with aggressive characteristics to meet the various dry stripping requirements.  Because plastic medias are manufactured under the strictest quality control guidelines, they are superior to all other conventially used blast cleaning medias. 

Reasons for Plastics’ Superiority

Pile of Plastic Media

  • Hardness consistency 
  • Size consistency 
  • Media stability 
  • High integrity 
  • Re-useable 
  • Low dust 
  • Non-hydroscopic 
  • No silicosis factor 
  • Infinite shelf life 
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe 
  • Low machine wear due to lower PSI requirements 
  • No surface distortion or residue left on components 
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Plasti-Grit Type II: UREA Technical Data Sheet


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