Automated Air Blasting

Automated air blast cabinets are great for high production blasting on parts that can typically be hard to blast manually

Automated air blast cabinets are made and manufactured in the USA

Indexing Turntable

A-200 Indexing Turntable Machine.
Versatile: Six Satellites and two 12" x 16" door openings accommodate a wide array of parts. Adjustable gun mounts allow to be set at the appropriate angle and distance for the part being blasted.

A Zero BNP A200 or A205 put precise, repeatable automated blast cleaning, surface finishing, deburring, and peening within reach of small to mid-size manufacturers and machining centers.

The BNP A200 measures four by four feet; the BNP A205 is a slightly larger cabinet (five by five feet) to allow more options for gun placement and more room for maintenance work. The two models share many features with ZERO's custom-engineered automated systems- indexing turntable, rotating satellites, automated blow-off, and fingertip process controls for cycle timer and parts rotation. 

Automated Air Blasting Equipment

Custom Automated Systems

  • Inline belt systems
  • Shot peen systems
  • Pipe cleaning systems
  • Tumble blast
  • Continuous Processing Machines
  • Single workpiece Flow
  • Modified blast cabinets

Automated Air Blasting Machine