Direct Pressure Blasting

Direct Pressure Blast Cabinets deliver a much higher velocity compared to suction blast cabinets.

Pressure blast cabinets are made and manufactured in the USA. 

What Are Pressure Cabinets?

Pressure cabinets deliver blast media at higher velocities than suction systems, making pressure cabinet ideal for turning out work fast. In many applications, these pressure cabinets will perform jobs four-times faster than suction systems. In addition, they use compressed air more efficiently and provide more precise blasting control at both high and low operating pressures. For really demanding tasks, like removing tight mill scale or finishing hard-to-reach surfaces, a a pressure system is normally the only practical choice. Direct pressure cabinets come in several sizes, allow for several options such as turntable and tracks, heavy duty turntables, stationary gun mounts and specialized dust collection. Pressure Blast systems can use both abrasive and non-abrasive blast media.

Applications of Pressure Blasting

  • Cleaning of investment castings
  • Scale removal in steam turbines
  • Surface preparation for thermal spray coatings                                  Direct Pressure Equipment
  • Rust removal
  • Hard oxide removal (titanium, zirconium, etc.)
  • Mill scale removal
  • Heat treat scale removal
  • Glass etching or frosting
  • Precision finishing of medical devices
  • Monument lettering
  • Aircraft engine overhaul
  • Shot Peening

Features of Pressure Cabinets

  • Work chamber sizes from 42” wide x 36” deep x 72” high x 72”
  • Full length neoprene-on-fabric gloves
  • Ceiling mounted, two tube fluorescent light fixture with abrasive resistant Lexan cover for extraordinary visibility
  • Safety interlocks interrupts blasting if either door is opened
  • Adjustable, heavy duty chromed latches
  • High efficiency, 2.0 cu. ft. capacity, ASME-coded pressure vessel, fitted with 1" ID piping, industrial-quality blast hose and couplings and cabinet integrated controls
  • Unique Air Logic system to maximize air flow to nozzle
  • Double wall, sound insulated doors
  • 14 gauge steel all-welded construction
  • Tilt out window, for tool-free glass change
  • Pressure regulator
  • Built in blow-off gun





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