Abrasive Pressure Pots

Classic Style and Contractor Pots from .5 cu. ft. to 20 cu. ft. 

Pressure pots and made and manufactured in the USA

Contractor Pots

All contractor blast machines are rated for 150 psi working pressure, meeting the demands of high productivity of commercial and industrial jobs.

Abrasive Pressure Pot

Classic Pot

All but one classic blast machines can blast up to 150 psi working pressure.  The 1/2 cuft system can only blast up to 125 psi working pressure.

Blast Machine Construction
  • Pressure vessels built to ASME code.  Most models registered in most Canadian provinces.
  • Concave head stores abrasive for loading.
  • Conical bottom ensures smooth abrasive flow and complete emptying.
  • Large inspection door for access to the interior.
  • Wear-resistant urethane-coated pop-up valve seals tight and lasts longer.

Abrasive Pressure Pot   

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